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        ( )1. A. big B. six C. nice D. miss

        ( )2. A. work B. wall C. whose D. watch

        ( )3. A. sorry B. brother C. some D. does

        ( )4. A. yesterday B. family C. day D. Monday

        ( )5. A. hear B. pear C. ear D. near

        ( )6. A. map B. stamp C. face D. cat

        ( )7. A. three B. those C. their D. these

        ( )8. A. food B. foot C. book D. good

        ( )9. A. not B. no C. ink D. ant

        ( )10.A. names B. apples C. faces D. balls



        1. shoes(單數) __________

        2. bus(復數) __________

        3. don't(完全形式) __________

        4. me(主格) __________

        5. too(同音詞) __________

        6. he(物主代詞) __________

        7. 努力工作(譯成英語) __________

        8. let us(縮寫形式) __________

        9. short(反義詞) __________

        10. over there(漢語意思)__________


        1. 二瓶果汁 ___________

        2. 到這來 ___________

        3. 在樹下 ___________

        4. 雙胞胎兄弟 ___________

        5. how much ___________

        6. thanks a lot ___________

        7. look after ___________

        8. put on ___________

        9. 在天空中 ___________

        10. 穿紅衣服的女孩 ___________


        1. Can I have ______(a) orange?

        2. She _____(like) to play the flute.

        3. He _____(have) got a skipping rope.

        4. Please give _____(I) a cup of tea.

        5. Let's go _____(shop) with my mother!

        6. Da Ming comes from China,he is _____(China).

        7. How many _____(hour) are there in a day?

        8. Lucy _____(look) like her father.

        9. “Here you are. ”“_____(thank).”

        10. She ______(watch) TV every evening.


        A. Let's go to the zoo. B. Can you spell “window”?

        C. Good evening, Dad. D. Good night.

        E. This is Mr Zhang. F. Look at the new car.

        G. Come and sit here. H. It's my favourite colour.

        ( )1. 傍晚見到父親說:___________

        ( )2. 你想說這是我最喜歡的顏色:________

        ( )3. 你想叫人拼寫窗戶這個單詞,可以說:_________

        ( )4. 你叫湯姆過來坐,可以說:________

        ( )5. 你想請別人欣賞這輛紅色法拉利小轎車,可以說:_______

        ( )6. 想邀請別人一起去動物園,可以說:________

        ( )7. 睡前對母親說晚安,應表達為:________

        ( )8. 你向Helen介紹一下張老師,應該說:______


        ( )1. What's this in English? _____ a jeep.

        A. This is B. That's C. It's D. it is

        ( )2. Where's the bag?

        A. It's in the car. B. They are here. C. There are. D. Here are.

        ( )3. What's that man?

        A. He's my brother. B. Yes,he is. C. She's a teacher. D. He's a teacher.

        ( )4. It's _____ my new car.

        A. / B. a C. is D. isn't

        ( ) 5. ____ a cat.

        A. This B. This's C. This is D. That

        ( )6. Look ____ the nice car.

        A. to B. and C. at D. in

        ( )7. It's nine o'clock. I must ______.

        A. go home B. go to home C. to go home D. go the home

        ( ) 8. _____ you see the blackboard?

        A. Do B. Are C. Is D. Can

        ( )9. Please give ____ a cup of tea.

        A. she B. he C. I D. him

        ( ) 10. It's time ____ play games.

        A. in B. on C. for D. to

        ( )11. The man _______ the photo is my father.

        A. in B. on the C. in the D. under

        ( )12. _____ name is Mike.

        A. I B. My C. Me D. mine

        ( )13. Who is the _____? He is my uncle.

        A. boy B. man C. woman D. girl

        ( )14. _____ you like this jacket?

        A. Are B. Do C. Can D. What

        ( )15. ______ is my umbrella? It's over there.

        A. Where B. What C. Whose D. how

        ( )16. What's that ____ English?

        A. for B. in C. on D. under

        ( )17. Look! The cat is _______.

        A. walk B. run C. ran D. running

        ( ) 18. Whose gloves are they? ____ my _____.

        A. It's,mother's B. They're,mother's

        C. They're,mother D. It's,mother

        ( ) 19. The boys are from Tokyo. They are ______.

        A. China B. English C. Japanese D. Chinese

        ( ) 20. There are _____ on the table.

        A. two bottles of milk B. two bottles milk

        C. two bottles of milks D. two bottle of milk

        ( )21. “Can I help you?”“I'd like ______ bags of rice. ”

        A. some B. a C. little D. one

        ( )22. “What would you like?”“I'd like _____ to eat.”

        A. something B. apple C. meat D. some orange

        ( )23. Look! Some meat ____ in the box. Some apples _____ in the basket.

        A. are,are B. is,is C. are,is D. is,are

        ( )24. I would like ________.

        A. some banana B. eat some bananas

        C. some bananas eat D. some bananas

        ( )25. Please give me two bottles of _______.

        A. milk B. waters C. milks D. oranges

        ( )26. Well,would you like _____ to drink?

        A. some thing B. anything C. some things D. something

        ( )27. ____ would you like _____ breakfast?

        A. What,with B. What,for C. What,at D. How,for

        ( )28. I want some

        A. meats B. waters C. cakes D. breads

        ( )29. What about __________?

        A. something to eat B. to eat something

        C. something eat D. eat something

        ( )30. “Do you want _____ orange?”“No,I'd like _____ bottle of orange.”

        A. a,an B. an,an C. the,an D. an,a



        ( )1. Don't be late again. A. A new watch.

        ( )2. May I have a cup of tea? B. Me,too.

        ( )3. I like the red fan. C. I see.

        ( )4. What's that on the desk? D. Sure.

        ( )5. Where's Dad? E. Perhaps he's in the study.

        ( )6. Shall we go to the zoo by bike? F. It's Bob's,I think.

        ( )7. Whose kite is this? G. Good idea.

        ( )8. Can I have a look at your dress? H. Yes. Here you are.


        ( )1. Could you help me, please? A. OK.

        ( )2. Thanks a lot. B. You're welcome.

        ( )3. Let's put the books in the box. C. It's Monday.

        ( )4. Can you carry it? D. No,it's full.

        ( )5. Who's on duty today? E. lam.

        ( )6. Is it empty? F. No,it's light.

        ( )7. What day is it today? G. Certainly.

        ( )8. Is that bag heavy? H. No. Li Lei isn't here.

        ( )9. Are we all here today? I. No,thanks.

        ( )10. Let me help you. J. Yes,I can.


        ( ) 1. Wang Hai does well in English.

        A. likes B. is good at C. is writing

        ( )2. I'd like some melons.

        A. I want B. I like C. I need

        ( )3. Let me see.

        A. look at B. watch C. think over

        ( ) 4. How does she go there?

        A. get up B. do C. get

        ( )5. We have three lessons this afternoon.

        A. texts B. glasses C. classes

        ( )6. We'll go and get some bananas.

        A. sell B. want C. buy

        ( )7. A: It's hot inside. Please open the window.

        B: Pardon?

        A. Please say it again. B. I'm sorry. C. All right.

        ( )8. Where are you from? I'm from China.

        A. I'm from Chinese. B. I'm Chinese. C. I'm in China.

        ( )9. Tom! This is my uncle.

        A. my father's brother. B. my mother's sister. C. my father's sister.

        ( ) 10. What's the time? It's a quarter to one.

        A. 1:15 B. 1:45 C. 12:45

        ( )11. What's the weather like in Shanghai?

        A. What's the weather in Shanghai?

        B. How is the weather like in Shanghai?

        C. How is the weather in Shanghai?

        ( )12. Can I play the video games now? I'm afraid you can't.

        A. You're welcome. B. That's OK. C. Please don't.

        ( )13. We're going to the cinema.

        A. We're going to do it.

        B. We're walking in the cinema,

        C. We're going to see a film.

        ( )14. Our teacher walks to school on foot every day.

        A. Our teacher goes to school on foot every day.

        B. Our teacher works every day.

        C. Our teacher likes walking every day.


        1. things,in,are,the,now,the,car


        2. you,what,wrong,is,with


        3. you,let,help,me


        4. is,the,what,weather,today,like


        5. you,me,please,could,help


        6. are,what,they,colour


        7. many,minutes,hour,there,how,are,in,an


        8. him,give,please,water,a,of,bottle


        9. to,I,put,the,ball,in,the,box,want


        10. fox,wolf,friends,and,are



        Jack is a teacher of English. He is not young,but he is not old. He has a round face and black hair. He is tall.

        There are fifty students in his class. They all like him.

        Now it's in the afternoon. Look,some students are working in the classroom. Jack is there,too. He is helping them to study English. He is a good teacher,and he is a good friend of them all.

        ( )1. What does Jack do?

        A. He is a worker.

        B. He is a teacher.

        C. He is a doctor.

        D. He's a nurse.

        ( )2. What colour is his hair?

        A. It's black.

        B. His heir is white.

        C. It is brown.

        D. He has yellow hair.

        ( )3. How many students are there in his class?

        A. There are fifteen students in his class.

        B. There's fifty.

        C. He has fifty.

        D. There're fifty in it.

        ( )4. Jack is a good teacher,isn't he?

        A. Yes,he isn't.

        B. No,he is.

        C. Yes,he's.

        D. Yes,he is.

        ( )5. What are the students doing in the classroom?

        A. They are walking there.

        B. They are doing their lessons.

        C. They are helping their teacher.


        一.1. C 2. C 3. A 4. C 5. B

        6. C 7. A 8. A 9. C 10. C

        二.(I)1. shoe

        2. buses

        3. do not

        4. I

        5. two

        6. his

        7. work hard

        8. let's

        9. long/tall

        10. 在那邊

        (II)1.two bottles of juice

        2.come here

        3.under the tree

        4.twin brothers





        9.in the sky

        10.the girl in red

        三.1. an 元音開頭的詞前要用冠詞an。

        2. likes she為單數第三人稱所以動詞要用單數和第三人稱形式。

        3. has he為第三人稱單數,動詞要用單數第三人稱形式,have變成has。

        4. me動詞give后要用賓格形式。

        5. shopping go shopping為固定短語。

        6. Chinese 此處Chinese譯為“中國人”。

        7. hours How many后要加復數名詞。

        8. looks Lucy作語語,為第三人稱單數,所以動詞也用單數第三人稱形式。

        9. Thanks 慣用法。

        10. watches she 為第三人稱單詞,動詞watch也用單數第三人稱形式,以ch結尾的詞加es.

        四.1. C 2. H 3. B 4. G 5. F 6. A 7. D 8. E

        五.1. C 由于是單數,回答時用It's。不選擇A是因為What's this in English的回答用It is„而不用This is„

        2. B 單數回答用B。

        3. D 此句問的不是“那個男人是誰”而是問“那個男人是干什么的”所以選D。

        4. A 此處,物主代詞前不能用冠詞。

        5. C this is不能縮寫。

        6. C look at為常用短語,“表示看„„”。

        7. A 情態動詞后要用動詞原形,go home為固定短語。

        8. D 此處用情態動詞can 更準確。

        9. D 動詞give后要用賓格形式。

        10. D It's time to+動詞原形為習慣用法。

        11. A 在照片上用in.

        12. B 此處要用形容詞性物主代詞。

        13. B 根據回答中的uncle,故用B。

        14. B 句中like為動詞,所以用Do提問。

        15. A 根據回答得知問“傘在哪?”,所以要選A。

        16. B in English為固定用法,in為用的意思。

        17. D is與現在分詞搭配,組成進行時。

        18. B gloves為復數,所以要用they are;所有格要在名詞后加's。

        19. C Tokyo為東京,在日本,所以選擇C。

        20. A there are后要加復數形式,milk為不可數名詞,所以要選A。

        21.A bags為復數。所以選擇some。

        22.A something為不定代詞,用在此處,意為“想吃點什么”。

        23.D meat為不可數名詞,apple為可數名詞,所以用D。

        24.D I would like意為“我想要,想吃„„”。后直接加名詞。

        25.A milk為不可數名詞。

        26.D something為不定代詞,something to drink意為“喝點什么”。這時是想得到肯定回答,所以不用anything。

        27.B breakfast為早飯。

        28.C cake在此為可數名詞,可變復數。

        29.A 習慣用法。

        30.D orange意為橘子,元音開頭要用an。

        六.(I)1. C 2. D 3. B 4. A 5. E 6. G 7. F 8. H

        (II)1. G 2. B 3. A 4. J 5. E

        6. D 7. C 8. F 9. H 10. I

        七.1. B does well in為“學得好”的意思。

        2. A I'd like 意為“我想要/我想吃”。

        3. C see在此為“想一想”的意思。

        4. C go 在此表示去那兒/到那兒,get有“到達”之意。

        5. C lessons意為課程、課,故選classes。

        6. C get在此為買的意思。

        7. A Pardon?口語中意為沒聽清,“再說一遍。”

        8. B from China意為來自中國,故選B。

        9. A uncle為“叔叔”。

        10. C a quarter為“一刻鐘”,故選C。

        11. C How為副詞,不能與like(介詞)連用。

        12. C I'm afraid you can't 意為“恐怕不行”,為否定。

        13. C go to the cinema意為“去看電影”。

        14. A 去上班還可用go

        八.1.The things are in the car now.

        2.What's wrong with you?

        3.Let me help you.

        4.What is the weather like today?

        5.Could you help me,please?

        6.What colour are they?

        7.How many minutes are there in an hour?

        8.Please give him a bottle of water.

        9.I want to put the ball in the box.

        10.Fox and wolf are friends.

        九.1.B 見文中第一句。Jack是一位英語老師。

        2.A 見文中第三句。他圓圓的臉,黑色頭發。

        3.D 見文中第四句。我們班有五十五名學生。

        4.D 見文中最后兩句。他是一位好老師,還是大家的好朋友。

        5.B 見第二段第二句。有些同學在班級里做功課。



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